Our Culture

Our People

Our Culture

One Team TOgether

At SMP Oncology, corporate culture is all about the behaviors and beliefs we have in common. It has everything to do with the way we treat each other and what we strive to achieve both individually and as a team.

In fact, it’s our shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that define us as an organization.

With colleagues spanning the globe, we are united by our corporate culture and we form one team with a common purpose—to discover, develop and commercialize novel and clinically meaningful treatments for people with cancer.

To do this, at SMP Oncology we work TOgether under two guiding principles Transparency and Ownership.


Collaborating in an environment where we are encouraged to voice our ideas and concerns and appreciate feedback. It means being proactive in the sharing of information. And it means always being able to ask questions. Transparency is foundational to our trust in one another.


Proactively taking responsibility for advancing our goals–both as teams and individuals. We are problem solvers–taking on challenges, drawing upon our collective expertise and embracing accountability. Ownership provides confidence and enables our ability to count on each other.

We Are Powered By Our People

Our team of exceptional individuals share a common vision and are driven by the opportunity to make a difference. This means our potential to achieve is unstoppable. At SMP Oncology, transparency and ownership are in our team’s DNA—and it propels us forward. We recognize that an essential part of our success is based on the culture we create for ourselves, how we treat each other, and our ability to bond together as one team.

Grow with us

Bring your passion for making a meaningful difference and join our global team to bring forward new discoveries for patients with cancer.

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