We are never untethered from the science because it is the vehicle by which we accomplish our goals.

The pursuit of meaningful medicine starts with research

For us, next-generation discovery in oncology takes courage and persistence—the courage to embrace uncertainty and the persistence to seek out and pursue innovative science.

That’s why our scientists prioritize discovery programs based on emerging cancer biology that have clear clinical development paths and highly differentiated mechanisms.

Explore our four guiding pillars of research

Emerging targets Differentiated technologies Translational philosophy External partnerships

Emerging targets

Our competitive discovery program starts with identifying groundbreaking therapeutic targets found on the horizons of cancer research that lead to first-in-class therapeutics based on innovative biology.

Differentiated technologies

We have set apart the technologies and approaches that make our research unique and differentiated and continue to invest in highly novel modalities, platforms, and methodologies.

Translational philosophy

We partner closely with development to emphasize translational research that supports clinical programs and embraces a bedside-to-bench philosophy, using emerging clinical data to further refine our strategy.

External partnerships

Our collaborations with KOLs and strategic alliances enable us to capitalize on outside expertise to drive innovative research and early clinical development strategies.

What discovery means to us

A shared mission across oncology research

We are committed to propelling drug discovery in oncology. To help spark truly innovative research in this space, Sumitomo Pharma Oncology collaborates with those who share our joint pursuit to fight cancer with purposeful science.

Our partners include:

  • Columbia University
  • Harvard University
  • The Wistar Institute

By leveraging the unique technologies and therapeutic insights of these partnerships, we hope to fill the unmet needs in oncology.

The quest for what’s next in oncology

This unique approach to research has resulted in a robust and diverse pipeline that isn’t limited to one cancer type or mechanism. All of our compounds push the boundaries of biology—aiming to propel cancer treatment forward.

From bench to bedside

To see where our research is leading, learn about our development and explore the various mechanisms we have in clinical development.

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